Zanzibar Cab

 Zanzibar Cab  is a qualified Taxi provider, dedicated in transfers from Zanzibar Airport to any destination you want to get in Zanzibar. Our taxi services available 365 days a year 24/7 and prices are fixed. Professionally, we provide standard taxi service throughout in Zanzibar, all of our car are at great conditions.  We are entrusted Zanzibar taxi company, started business since 2002. Are you looking for a reliable taxi to pick you upon time? Do not hesitate Zanzibar Cab has been working efficiently to make customers happy and satisfied, when you go to our tripadvisor you will not find any malicious review, we are proud for safety and security.

Book taxi transfers wherever you are and anytime. We do provide Airport transfers, beach to beach, hotel to hotel Zanzibar seaport etc. 

Are you looking for long distance travel ,our taxi provide all kind of taxi services in Zanzibar. 
Taxi service for East  Coast Zanzibar, North Coast Zanzibar and South Coast of Zanzibar as well as in Stone town are available all days and nights. We provide 24 hours taxi service tirelessly.
You will not be disappointed because we want you to get 100% satisfaction from our taxi in Zanzibar.

WIFI and a bottle of water are available for free
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Mobile number/whatsapp for Zanzibar cab +255620550471.

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Why you should book Zanzibar Cab Taxi Company :
-You just tell us where you want to be picked up and go, Our taxi driver will be right there on time
-We advise you on places, security and we can also arrange some tours at reasonable prices.
- Don't just hail taxi anywhere while in Zanzibar, arrange with Zanzibar Cab, we are friendly taxi provider in Zanzibar.
-Taxi Zanzibar can be difficult to be found in some places , we will be right there when you call us. 
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