Prison Island :                                                                                                                                                                  The half day tour by a short boat trip to Prison Island is fabulous way to the paradise. See the giant tortoises wandering around, escape for some peace and quiet and enjoy the coral reefs while snorkeling. 

This historical Island was formerly owned by an Arab and used for the confinement of refractory slaves. In 1893, Lloyd Mathews built the prison, with the idea of sending violent criminals from the Tanganyika mainland to the island. The Prison Island ended up being used as a quarantine center, instead of a prison, for yellow fever outbreak that once raged through the region. Prison Island is still owned by the Zanzibar government.

The main activities are swimming & Snorkeling with beautiful corals garden of Zanzibar, have a time for relaxation on the prison island beach, You will also see, touching and taking pictures with Giant tortoises
Price (per person):
1-3 person $25, 4-5 person $20, 6+ person $15
Price includes: Entrance fee, Guiding fee, all government taxes.