Zanzibar Tours                                  Zanzibar is among the biggest Islands in the East African coast comprises of two main Islands Unguja and Pemba.,Known for its fascinating its history, culture, beaches and nature.

The name Zanzibar is derived from Arabic words ‘Zinj el bar which means the Land of Black people. Unguja, Pemba and many other islets together are making the semi-autonomous part of the United Republic of Tanzania. Unguja Island is referred by many to be Zanzibar and in that case, all the time when traveling to Unguja , we say we are going to Zanzibar. Stone Town is the capital of Zanzibar with its fascinating history. Zanzibar is full of activities! That includes classic Zanzibar tours like the Prison island, Spice Tour, Safari Blue, Stone Town, Book your tours with Zanzibar cab so that you can save money.     Book now
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